The term “space rock” has been applied loosely over the last decade, but few bands truly achieve that delicate balance between openly atmospheric and crushingly heavy. Complex times, without feeling overly mathy. The Chicago quartet have layered instrumentation reminiscent of 90’s rockers Hum, with powerful vocals that can lead the listener towards Failure, or even the Midwest rock sounds of Shiner. This doesn’t mean Lybria are stuck in 90’s, as their modern approach has the contemporary feel of a matured Thrice, or progressive nature of UK’s Oceansize. Lybria is currently planning the release of its first full length album, “Apogee”.


“Deep, catchy, and hypnotic; Lybria is the next generation of rock’s ‘small step for man’… If they keep writing tunes this catchy, we might just have the next Hum on our hands.” – Reviews/Resist

“It’s a bold debut release, each track delivering complex instrumental layering and swirling ambience with the ability to be overwhelmingly heavy, dripping with influences from bands such as Oceansize and Shiner but managing to hold its own within the five tracks.” – Alter The Press

“Cycles is a pleasant throwback to an era of music most people of Lybria’s generation missed out on.” – Reviewsic

“The guitar work is very impressive, as Lybria builds a “wall of sound” in songs like “Johnny.” Small guitar leads sneak out under the wall of distortion, and eventually the listener comes to appreciate the small parts of the recording.” – Northern Star