Band :
Title : Apogee
Release Date : December 8, 2016

Recorded by Chuck Macak and Greg Henkin
Mixed by Greg Henkin
Mastered by Mike Nolte
Artwork and Design by Justin Essenpreis
Photography by Arthur Schroeder

Produced by Greg Henkin and LYBRIA
Music and Lyrics by LYBRIA

Recorded at Electrowerks, Downers Grove, IL and Greg’s Guitar Lessons, Grayslake, IL
Mixed at Greg’s Guitar Lessons
Mastered at Eureka, Kansas City, KS



Band :
Title : Cycles
Release Date : August 13, 2011

Music and lyrics by Lybria. “Giants Chair” originally by Shiner. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in 2010-2011 by Greg Henkin. Produced by Greg Henkin and Lybria. Artwork by Jon Flood.

1. Emergency Room (04:30)
2. Wells (04:29)
3. Miles (02:48)
4. So Far From Lonely (04:36)
5. Johnny (05:46)
6. Debris (08:05)
7. Giants Chair [Shiner Cover] (3:41)
8. D3BR15M1X (06:42)